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Icelandic Sheep Supplies: The List of Lambing Equipment

Frelsi Farm Lambing Supply List Where to obtain
Laura Lawson's Book, Managing your Ewe online or Frelsi Farm often has a few
Digital Rectal Thermometer-must have baby thermometer available at any pharmacy
Scissors to cut cord small and sharp
Iodine for naval 7% or "gentle " iodine feed store or pharmacy
"Iodine Naval cup", "Naval Dipper"  yogurt cup feed store , online or just a small jar
Clean old  towels ask friends and family for old towels
Baby Lamb Strength or NutriDrench Baby lamb Stregth from Pipestone vet supply (my favorite)
Colostrum or Colostrx or Kid 'n Lamb Kolostral your own frozen supply is best
Lamb Milk replacer feed store (make sure it is for lambs)
emery board or small  nail pumice stone pharmacy (for sharp lamb teeth)
Feeding tubes online, Pipestone, PBS animal health, feedstore
Catheter tip syringes 20 cc & 60cc pipestone, PBS, other online vet supply, pharmacy
Pritchard Teat nipples or other lamb nipple Feed store or online (fits soda but not water bottles)
soda bottle or other bottle that fits nipple grocery or friend
scale( handy but not necessary) vet supply online
lamb sling for weighing in hanging scale online, Pipestone, PBS animal health, feedstore
Obstetric Lubricant "superlube" or J-Lube Pipestonne or other online vet supply
clean nitrile gloves-optional pharmacy or online supply feed store
Lambing ropes-make your own see Laura Lawson Book
antimicrobial soap grocery or pharmacy
Clean bucket for soapy water
Soft small bulb syringe Pharmacy in baby section, small rubber not with plastic tip
Hair dryer for warming cold lambs
Syringes and needles feed store , online, PBS, etc. check  your state regs
Penicillin feed store or online
BO-SE prescription
Lamb ear tags Premier animal supply
Veterinarian's phone number  
sheep mentor phone#  
Karo syrup or molasses for ewe in warm water grocery or feed store


Ok... done shopping for equipment? Then go look at the lamb lists!

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Elaine Clark
Frelsi Farm Icelandic Sheep
Limerick, Maine

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