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Fleece, Roving, Wool Yarn... welcome to our Maine Icelandic Sheep Farm

As members of the ISBONA, the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America, Frelsi Farm is dedicated to introducing this wonderful old breed to American farmers, both here in the northeast and across the country. This breed is particularly well suited and adapted for integrating into a small commercial farming operation, and what the industry calls a "small" or "hobby" farm. The sheep is marvelously versatile, an easy keeper, a thrifty forager, with a wool which lends itself to handspinning and commercial processing.

To learn more about the Icelandic Sheep, or our farm, please browse through the links offered below:

Our Maine Farm: How we got started, and ended up here!

The Icelandic Sheep: A breed for the next millennium: Why this breed? It is surprisingly versatile!

Icelandic Sheep Genetics: The colors, the patterns... what makes an Icelandic Sheep look the way it does?

Icelandic Sheep Genetics: the PDFdocument, a more in depth look at the genetics of an Icelandic

The Shepherd's Glossary: Confused by all the terminology? So were we once! A guide to the terms you'll hear when learning to speak sheep.

A Shepherd's Bookshelf: helpful books on sheep: Our list of the most battered (and therefore loved) books on our self.

Building a Flock on a Shoestring: Not everyone can afford to buy a large flock right away... see how one farm manages their resources and gains the Icelandic flock they wanted at a price they could afford.

Picking the Right Stock for Your Farm: An overview of how sheep are classified and priced so you can start building your flock.

Bringing Your Flock Home: Planning ahead will keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy.

Icelandic Sheep: Flock Health: Tips on maintaining your sheep in top form

Lambing season: The Lambing Jug.. how we use a lambing jug to build strong mother-lamb families

Lambing season: Building a Lambing Jug: materials and directions

Lambing season: Tubing a lamb: its a skill by it isn't hard.

Lambing season: Grafting or Adopting a lamb: step by step instructions in case you need to put a lamb with a new ewe.

Washing your Fleece: felting is good.. just not when washing!

Spinning the Icelandic Fleece: Not just one fleece, three possibilities. Learn more about this unique fiber.

Entering Your Fleece: A guide to entering your fleece in a competition.

A Flock of Your Own:
Want your own flock of these sheep? Details here.

You Can Farm: An inspired piece by the people at who believe anyone who dreams of having their own small farm... can!

The Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America Home Page Good general overview of the breed, and some in depth articles on genetics. Database of all member farms.

Premier 1 Fence Systems. We bought our fencing from Wellscroft Fence Systems of Marlborough NH, the Northeaster Rep. (603) 827-3464 but the web site is worth a visit if only for the bulletin board system. We learned where to have our raw fleece turned into blankets on this system. Worth checking out for more than just good fencing supplies.

OrbWeaver Web Works sites for Farms: A comprehensive overview of what you need to know to produce a professional presence online, even if you decide to DIY. Bootstrap marketing, search engine help, even a downloadable form for designing your site over a cup of coffee.

Their ecommerce site hosting fees start at 20.00/month for a full featured, fully customizable, store and farm site.


Elaine Clark
Frelsi Farm
Limerick, Maine

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