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The Frelsi Farm Registered Icelandic Sheep

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As one of the oldest established breeds of sheep in the world today, the Icelandic sheep are over and over again proving their worth. They are not only a breed for the small farm that can produce meat, milk and fiber for the family, they are a beautiful, hardy, healthy animal that has commercial potential as a grass based meat, wool and dairy breed.

We use the expression "farm in a box" to describe our starter flocks, because our sheep "do it all." They've cleared pastures for us, they provide us with luscious wool, they have a delicate and fine meat... and they produce plenty of milk for cheeses, soaps, and fudge... oh, it makes the world's best fudge! When you buy sheep from us, we throw in the fudge recipe for free!

To maintain genetic diversity and insure the continued excellent quality of the animals we started importing semen from tested disease free Icelandic rams and began an artificial insemination program in 2000. We have been using a VAI(vaginal artificial insemination) technique since 2003. We import semen straws every fall and often have semen straws for sale. Contact us information on the importation of semen from Iceland and any future classes that will be held to learn the VAI technique The rams used in the AI breeding are progeny tested and scored for their meat carcass and milk and wool producing qualities in Iceland. The Icelandic AI studs are chosen for their excellent conformation and meat producing qualities. We know the meat/conformation will be excellent so we select for the highest fleece and milk scores, and pay particular attention to any mention of personality traits. Consequently, Frelsi Farm is known for award winning fleeces and sheep.

We maintain a very select flock of Registered Icelandic Sheep and are small enough to maintain a relationship with each ram, ewe, and lamb. Each sheep is unique. They are all wonderful, but, some have a shade better fleece than others, some are a bit milkier, and some are so friendly, they only go to very special people. You can contact us to tell us just what you're looking for in a sheep, and if we don't have that animal available right now... we can take a reservation for our next breeding cycle.

All Frelsi Farm's Icelandic Sheep are registered through the CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation), enrolled in VSFCP and certified in 2005 , OPP test negative in 2003 and maintained as a closed flock since, and always foot rot free. With your sheep, you'll also receive support services. If you have never kept livestock or sheep before, the Icelandic Sheep is a fantastic breed because it is so flexible and durable. But you will have questions. And even if you've bought the book, and read it, we know there is nothing like being able to call your breeder and say "what is going on here?"

For example, when we got our first flock of Icelandic Sheep, we went out to the pasture in August, and our sheep had runny noses. This is a BAD thing in a sheep... we thought they were very, very, sick. No... come to find out, in hot weather, this is perfectly normal, not unusual at all. It is a great comfort to be able to call someone and find out if you've got a problem, or if everything is ok, or to ask about feeding advice... we're here to make sure your venture is as much fun and as successful as it can possibly be. Our customers are still calling us to share with us how fantastic their sheep are, and share their sheep stories... and we love to hear them. As your flock grows we're here to offer advice on marketing your fleece and sheep

You no longer need to enroll in the VSFCP, the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program in order to purchase the offspring from artificial insemination, the “F1’s “ For your own peace of mind, you may want to be in this program anyway . Scrapie is a prion disease like “mad cow” disease. Because we sell meat and do not know if Scrapie can be transmitted like “mad cow” disease, we value being able to assure our customers that our flock is monitored and certified Scrapie free. Whne you purchase sheep from us, you also are purchasing our certified status . If you enroll in the VSFCP you will automatically have that certified status that takes 5 years to obtain if you start with unenrolled sheep. The program is free and the paper work required is not difficult. We are happy to help you with your enrollment.

In addition, when you purchase sheep from us, we provide you with a year's Newsletter Membership to Icelandic Sheep Breeder's of North America (ISBONA), you'll get a sample of the kelp/mineral suppliment we've been feeding, a complete record of the vaccinations, and that fudge recipe! We include the registration fee for the sheep in the price. We will register the sheep in your name with the CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation).The Registration Certificate will arrive in the mail within 3 months or so from the CLRC

Your Icelandic Sheep are an investment in your farm... and you. They'll provide you with hours of enjoyment, they'll clear your hillsides, rejuvenate old pastures, grow beautiful fleeces, produce healthy bouncy lambs, give your family milk, meat, wool, even lustrous pelts. We're here to provide you not only with the best Icelandic Sheep possible... but the support you need to turn your dream of having sheep into reality.


This Year's Lambs for Sale Rams Ewes Show Schedule Icelandic Wool Our Maine Farm Contact Us

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